I remember waking up that day, telling myself it would be nothing but another Tuesday at the bar. Well, you got to believe folks because that day, one of the best chefs I know asked me to participate in his upcoming book. Chef Stephane Modat, the genius behind the amazing food program at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, wanted to add a cocktail section in his book, representing what he likes about cocktails. Some must be super simple drinks because … let’s face it, when a chef, sometimes all you want is a quick fix after a crazy night in the kitchen, right? But he also wanted some to be more elaborate. One of them, using a technique and ingredients that could be used in both, cooking and cocktail making. The first idea that popped my mind was to make a cocktail involving the “fat wash” technique.

Roasted Chestnut is a true little weakness for me. It means all at once festivities, holidays, coziness and treats. It’s a seasonal wonder. As soon as I’m travelling within the good season, I always look around me when I walk on the street in hoping to find some stands where they roast some on the spot. It makes me so happy to buy my little bag of chestnut and eating them walking in a new country, exploring at the same time. The last time I ate some during a trip we were in Porto. What a lovely memory!

So here we are … back in the cold Quebec City. To warm my heart, I decided to make me some house made roasted chestnuts. Of course, as you start to know me now … I love butter A LOT so, I put some! Why? Because butter is LIFE!!