January 2018


What’s up guys! Don’t know about you but I’m the kind of man who believes it’s always fun to talk about cocktails and today is no exception.

When I first started bartending, the Old Fashioned was for me the Holy Grail of cocktails. It transformed what I found back then to be a strong, harsh and throat burner spirit into a smooth and sweet deliciousness. Of course, before I was using way too much sugar because, let’s face it… I didn’t like much the taste of straight booze back then. Well, those days are long gone. Even though I decreased by half the amount of sugar I was using before, I still find the Old Fashioned cocktails a tad bit on the sweet side. But when I’m in the mood, it’s a great sipper. For whom the Whiskey cocktail is their jam, here’s three recipes you have to try if you haven’t already.

Since we are pasta addicts, you will see plenty of them on the blog but today, let’s talk about Carbonara. What a simple and easy recipe. When you start with the first bite, it’s almost impossible to figure how fast you can make this amazing dish! OK I ear from here all Italians purists screaming “’ What?? Garlic?? It’s not bacon but pancetta, why the white wine and blablabla??“ My answer … because it’s delicious and because every classic may be tweaked a bit sometimes.

Why make things complicated when they can also be simple?

For some reason, I sometimes have the feeling that those who took the nerdy turn of cocktail making, myself included, believe that complicated is the synonym of good. This is what some wants you to believe because they want to feel like they do something house bartenders can’t achieve. But don’t be fooled, most of the time, the secret of a great recipe is simplicity. E.I. Most of the classic cocktails that been enjoyed all around the world for decades contains no more than 3 to 4 ingredients.

This recipe is all about fluffiness. I love this word so much and even more when it’s to describe dessert, bread, cake or in this case pancakes! Eating those is like eating a cloud of happiness. It’s fluffy, cozy and delicious. Of course, you can choose your topping. Maple syrup, caramel, little berries, you decide! Once you have the pancakes, everything else is just adding a little extra to a perfect delight.

I remember waking up that day, telling myself it would be nothing but another Tuesday at the bar. Well, you got to believe folks because that day, one of the best chefs I know asked me to participate in his upcoming book. Chef Stephane Modat, the genius behind the amazing food program at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, wanted to add a cocktail section in his book, representing what he likes about cocktails. Some must be super simple drinks because … let’s face it, when a chef, sometimes all you want is a quick fix after a crazy night in the kitchen, right? But he also wanted some to be more elaborate. One of them, using a technique and ingredients that could be used in both, cooking and cocktail making. The first idea that popped my mind was to make a cocktail involving the “fat wash” technique.

This week I got an intense craving for another road trip with Jean-Félix. I was obsessed with Greece. As we didn’t have enough time during our last trip, we didn’t get to go there. I didn’t want to rush it, so we saved it for the next adventure. I wanted to take my time and browse the entire country. Every city, every island has its own soul. Whether it is food, drink, traditions or the way to live. They all have some differences and their own way to make everything. It’s a lot to discover. In the same way and for the same reasons, we want to go back to Italy and do the same. Browse every single city because again, there is way too much to see, learn and discover to wrap it up in 10 days. We had the feeling that we missed so much there … but Italy will be for another story and for sure other recipes! I will keep the focus on Greece for today! HAHAHA!!!

I decided to put myself in the mood and cook a delicious Greek meal. I love Greek food culture. It’s all about the freshness of ingredients. Simple, fresh and so flavourful … Oh! Wait… It makes me think of Italy again! HAHAHA

What’s up guys! I’m sure you will agree with me on how satisfying it can be to eat foie gras in Paris, pizza in Naples or poutine in Quebec! Right? Well, this past fall I checked one more thing off my foodie bucket list… I drank my first Valencia Horchata in Altea! Sefra and I, with some dear friends were walking on the beautiful beach of this little Spanish city when I suddenly saw a sign saying, “Helados artesanos Horchata.” That was it! 2 minutes later we were sitting on a sea-side patio, on a beautiful sunny day, having a refreshing Horchata. I’ll never forget this!

Roasted Chestnut is a true little weakness for me. It means all at once festivities, holidays, coziness and treats. It’s a seasonal wonder. As soon as I’m travelling within the good season, I always look around me when I walk on the street in hoping to find some stands where they roast some on the spot. It makes me so happy to buy my little bag of chestnut and eating them walking in a new country, exploring at the same time. The last time I ate some during a trip we were in Porto. What a lovely memory!

So here we are … back in the cold Quebec City. To warm my heart, I decided to make me some house made roasted chestnuts. Of course, as you start to know me now … I love butter A LOT so, I put some! Why? Because butter is LIFE!!