I heard about Spam Musubi a few times before and to be honest it never really interested me… Until that day! The day Isabelle Cheng from allons. y posted a picture on her recipe on Instagram. She made some Spam Musubi and they looked soooo good that I had to try it! HA-HA-HA We met Isabelle in Victoria BC. during summer of 2019. We were invited by Empress 1908 Gin with other influencers to discover their amazing gin and also to have a blast discovering the beautiful Island of Victoria. The team at Empress gin made a really nice planning for us. It was a short trip with a busy schedule … it was very fun. We met some lovely people there like Isabelle. By the way you should have a look at her Instagram and also at her website. She has looooots of tips for you about travels, food, lifestyle and so many other subjects. She’s really inspiring.

Can you imagine a blend between Reese, Mr.Big and Crunchy chocolate bars??? Well, there you have it!! These crunchy chocolate peanut butter balls are exactly that! The best of them three together. Tasty, crunchy and sweet but light at the same time. We could eat them all the same day. Almost impossible to stop when you start. They are easy to make and they will please everyone I swear! Jean-Félix was like a kid on Christmas morning HA-HA-HA

Sometimes, all we need is a little kick!! All of our ingredients seem boring. Salmon, chicken, noodles, veggies. We feel sleepy just thinking of cooking what’s in our fridge. But with a little bit of magic, everything can suddenly look delicious. This magic trick has a name: Homemade Teriyaki Sauce!! HA-HA-HA So simple, so delicious and so easy to make. In 5 minutes you’re ready to coat your salmon in your Poke Bowl or to stir fry your favourite noodles, chicken … anything and everything. This homemade Teriyaki sauce will enhance the most boring ingredient you have in your fridge. I’m pretty sure I could even get Jean-Félix to love Bok Choy simply by dipping them in my Teriyaki sauce… Ok… Maybe not that far… HA-HA-HA but almost!! 

Being stuck home made me try a lot of stuff I never tried before. The global crisis we’re facing right now makes me feel like I need to be comforted and there is no better way for me, to bring a bit of joy, happiness and feeling of lightness than cooking some good recipes. It works all the time! As I miss Bordeaux really bad these days, and because it will probably take quite a long time before we can return, I decided to bake something that will bring me back in France. Bread and chocolate… Can’t ask for better!