About Us

They had one goal … living and working together. Some years ago Sefra and Jean-Felix opened their fashion store in the beautiful old town of Quebec City. It was a dream coming true. Being their own boss, working together … but they soon realized something was missing in their lives, cooking for Sefra, “cocktailing” for Jean-Felix and mostly travelling for both of them. After they sold the store, Sefra concentrated on her cooking passion and Jean-Felix took over the bar program in a high-end hotel in Quebec City. After 3 years doing so, it was the time for them to reunite their skills on a day-to-day. This is when “Truffles On The Rocks” was born. A blog documenting their favourite food and cocktail recipes, travelling adventures and all that, influenced by their high sense of aesthetics.

This blog is all about fun! Nothing too serious, just love! The love of sharing our passions and our daily obsessions with you!

Oh! And just so you know, we’re French Canadians writing in English. It’s possible you find some unusual style of phrasing but… it’s part of our charm, right?