June 2018


A father can be of so many kinds. No matter if he is your biological, spiritual, foster or stepfather … whether he is 25 or 85, I’m sure you will agree that they all share this same feature … they are awesome! It will soon be that time of the year again when we celebrate this special man in our life. But how can I give you some good suggestions to celebrate that day when aside from being important, they all are different? Well, I’m getting there. Because some are old fashioned while others are new school, I thought I could do a parallel with classic cocktails and modern cocktails to give you some ideas for your libation on that special date.

The first time I saw Khachapuri it was on Instagram. I thought it was one of the coolest things to eat I ever saw. I didn’t know what it was at this moment. I did some research and I discovered that Khachapuri was a typical meal from Georgie. Apparently Khachapuri are everywhere there. You can find many versions of this popular meal but if you ask me, as soon as I saw, cheese, eggs and butter I was conquered and there was no need to look further… I had to try! HA-HA! I guess you’re beginning to know us a bit now. This is totally our type of food.

The day I fell for Paul Marius was an amazing day. We were just getting in the beautiful city of Montpellier in France. We arrived by train in the evening, and we checked in our Air B&B. It was a lovely loft at “La Place de La Comédie.” Every time we get in a new spot, we always run to the window to see what’s the view like and this time, something different was there! It was in the building in front of our loft in such a cute little pedestrian street. This gorgeous handbag. Black and gold, not too big, just enough … you know… Perfection! It was love at first sight but it was out of reach … the store was closed.