It may sound weird but believe me, milk clarified cocktails are delicious! It changes the mouthfeel, the taste, smoothens the rough edges the cocktail may have… and NO IT DOESN’T TASTE LIKE MILK!!! You are only a few minutes away from changing your cocktail game forever! If you guys are ready, follow my tips and tricks to understand how to make clarified cocktails and nail it every time!

There are many reasons why I have so many variations of the Brooklyn cocktail in my own cocktail library. The main reason would probably be that I often miss one ingredient. The Brooklyn cocktail is made of Rye whisky, dry vermouth, Maraschino and Picon. Picon is unavailable in Canada and in the USA because of an ingredient in it figures on the list of prohibited ingredients in these countries. Well… I happen to live in Canada so my access to this aperitif is quite limited. Because of that, I created a recipe of my own. Analyzing the way it’s made, I realized that I could mix 4 ingredients together and get pretty much the same taste.

A father can be of so many kinds. No matter if he is your biological, spiritual, foster or stepfather … whether he is 25 or 85, I’m sure you will agree that they all share this same feature … they are awesome! It will soon be that time of the year again when we celebrate this special man in our life. But how can I give you some good suggestions to celebrate that day when aside from being important, they all are different? Well, I’m getting there. Because some are old fashioned while others are new school, I thought I could do a parallel with classic cocktails and modern cocktails to give you some ideas for your libation on that special date.